A power supply unit (PSU) usually converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components. Most modern desktop personal computer power supplies conform to the ATX specification. Although there are a lot of other standard and proprietary power supply variants.

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  • AT motherboard power supply AT PSU's were used before ATX become to be standard.
  • ATX Optional power connector used on some ATX / NLX motheboards (rare)
  • ATX / BTX +12V power connector used on modern ATX / BTX motherboards
  • ATX 24 pin power supply connector ATX 2.2 and later (ATX12V 2) is common ATX standard, 24 pin connector.
  • ATX Aux power connector To be used on ATX / NLX motherboards requiring 250W or 300W. Also marked as P14 connector
  • ATX PC floppy power connector Used for 3.5 floppies
  • ATX PC peripheral power connector Used to power on PATA drives, CD-ROMs, add-on fans, extra video card power, supplemental motherboard power, case lighting.
  • ATX power supply connector v 1.x with 20 pin connector was widely used at PC motherboard. Replaced by v 2.x with 24 pin connector
  • BTX motherboard power supply standard interface between BTX motherboard and compatible power supply
  •  Serial ATA specifies a fifteen-pin power connector. Slimline connector with six pins is used for some small form-factor applications.
  • SFX Optional Power 
  • SFX Power Supply Same as ATX except that -5VDC is removed from pin 18
  • WTX 12V CPU (P3) This connector provides 12V DC power to DC-DC convertors, Voltage regulator modules and so on
  • WTX 12V CPU (P4/P5) This connector provides 12V power to to Voltage regulator modules for processor and so on
  • WTX Additional (P2) 
  • WTX motherboard power supply Main (P1) pinout

Acer Pinouts

AMD Pinouts

  •  Although most recent x86 server motherboards are designed to use either ATX12V v2.x or EPS12V power supplies, some servers use the ATX GES power supply standard developed by AMD to support its first server-class processor, the Athlon MP, when used in dual-processor (two-way) configurations.

Apple Pinouts

  •  and C connector
  •  Also Suitable for iBook G3 iBook G4 PowerBook G4 NB:PowerBook G3 and iBook Clamshell Require 3.5mm Jack
  •  Power 22 pin MOLEX connector, Power supply: DPS-150GB A, Apple p/n 614-0039

Compaq Pinouts

Dell Pinouts

  •  For Dell Optiplex SX280, GX620, 745, 745c, 755, 760 Series Ultra small form factor (USFF) PC. Dell Part Numbers: M8811, RXVT7, Y2515, D3860, 86FYX, MK394 Models ADP-220AB B, D220P-01, F180PU-00
  • DELL ATX Aux Power Supply 
  • DELL ATX motherboard Power Supply This non-standard ATX wiring is used in Dell Pentium II and Pentium III systems.
  • Dell Dimension 8100 (and may be others) power connectors 
  •  From some Dell Servers i.e. PowerEdge 650
  •  4x6 + 6 connector was very common in many DELL server PSU, but each has different pin map. Dell AA23290, AA23300, 7000814-0000, NPS700AB, NPS750-S0, 700815-0000 PSU's.
  •  This is the pinout for the new style Dell towers that use 8 pin headers. The connectors are Molex 5557 and 5559 mini fit jr.
  •  Power Supply Model HP-150SS / PS-5231. The plug is an ATX 20 pin plug, but it's incompatible with ATX standards (different pinout, no 3.3V)
  •  66 pin intermediate connector (between PSU and other plugs)

HP Pinouts

  • HP 12/13 pin power supply connector for Vectra VL 5 minitower P-120 etc. Non-standard ATX MB power connector with additional 6-pin Molex for 3.3V
  •  Wire Coulours seem Standard PC couloring. PS is ASTEC PN AA16510, HP PN 0950-2701
  •  Cable part # HP 394038-001
  •  Identical to ATX pinout, but use smaller connector and PSU form-factor is incompatible. HP 379349-001 PS-6241-6HF.
  •  Power Supply Models: PS-6241-6HF REV A5 B0613 (HP Part No: 379349-001, Spare No: 381024-001); 437352-001 (spare 437798-001) PSU.
  • HP E-PC 40 power connector 
  •  MO06 laptop battery HP envy/pavilion DV6
  •  10 Pin SAS Power Connectors A & B
  •  For HP Pavilion Slimline home PC s7210n, 220n, s7310n, s7320n, s7410n, s7420n, s7421c, s7400n, s7415c, s7500n, s7510n, s7515x, s7520n, s7527c, s7530n, s7500y, s7540a, s7500e, s7520kr, s7517c, s7600y, s7520la, s7600e, s7521k, s7545a, s7600n, s7605n, s7617c, s7620n, s7627c, s7612n, s7550d, s7620la, s7525a, s7640la, s7613w, s7603w, s7531kr, s7700n, s7727c, s7700y, s7700e, s7740LA, s7720LA, s7541kr, s7712n, s7713w; HP GC659AAR, GC665AA, GC665AA#ABA, GG787AAR, GJ474AA#ABA, GJ474UAR, GN566AA#ABA, GN567AA, GN567AAABA, GS221AV, GX615AA, GX616AA, KE624AA, Pav S3020n Pav S3100n, Pav S3120n, Pav s3123w, Pav s3200n, Pav s3220n, Pavilion s3200z, RX890AA, RX890AAR, RY882AAR, RZ389AAR, S3023w, s3127c, S3300F, S3320F, S3330F, S3330PC. HP PSU P/N 5188-2755, DPS-108DB-1A.
  • HP Power this connector is not used often
  •  3W3 Sub-D connector for high-current applications
  • HP Workstation PSU Used on Kayak and Vectra XU workstations.
  •  HP Spare 751886-001

IBM Pinouts

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